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Richard Brook | 22/05/2019

Please note that our AGM will be held on Sunday 9th June at 19.30 in the Social Club

Holme Rovers under 7's v North Duffield Duffield under 7's

Richard Brook | 20/11/2018

Holme had the luxury of carrying over a number of goals advantage from the first leg and I am glad to say that due to a great team performance and effort that Duffield never looked like getting back into this final. Holme were very well lead by their captain for the day Jake. As I said all the team played well especially Thomas who I thought positional play was great when he was either supporting the attackers or carrying out his normal duties at defending and was unlucky to have his goal from a free kick disallowed. The man of the match went to Theo who even though is not a natural goalkeeper and does not necessarily want to play in goal puts the team first and while in goal in both legs has kept a clean sheet and when asked to do so played up front for part of the game on Saturday and got his first goal for the club with a well hit shot from the edge of the box. Congratulations to all of the team for getting the clubs first trophy of this season,

Car Park

Richard Brook | 16/11/2018

The football club over the last three years has been trying to lease the field adjacent to the Playing Fields and make it into a car park but the owners of the land the HOSM Relief in Need and Education Charity have set demands which the club cannot meet so it is with regret that the club cannot progress having its own car park on this field.

North Duffield Dragons under 7's v Holme Rovers under 7's

Richard Brook | 12/11/2018

Saturday saw great conditions for playing good football and both teams did not disappoint in a pulsating game. In training the players have been working on getting goal side and defenders supporting the attackers when we have got the ball and attackers helping defenders to win the ball back when we have not got the ball and as a team Holme did it brilliantly and also a criticism of our players in previous games is not shooting enough and on Saturday Holme ''rained'' shots at North Duffields goalkeeper. Theo got us off to a great start in keeping a clean sheet in the first quarter and throughout the game Luke, Thomas, Henry and Nathan hardly allowed a shot on goal and supported our attackers when we were in North Duffields half especially Nathan who got a goal from a corner. As to our attackers all of them i.e. Jake, Harrison, Clayton, Jamie and Tyler had shots on goal and Clayton got a few goals and Jamie yet again got a long range effort goal and all helping out in defence when required to do so. As you might know Saturday was a special day for our team for obvious reasons BUT the return leg is this coming Saturday against the same opposition and at home so another big performance is needed by our team so as to win the cup. The man of the match went to Nathan for his goal, position play and making some crucial tackles well done to him and all the team.

Monk Fryston under 7's v Holme Rovers under 7's

Richard Brook | 22/10/2018

Saturday saw brilliant conditions to play good football with no wind and a good flat pitch to play on and both teams put on a great performance. Our team in training had put a lot of time and effort in about positional play and as a result the team were solid throughout the game going forward and also defending. Some players were tried in different positions no more so than Luke who played in goal [ kept a clean sheet] and also in attack. Defensively with Nathan, Henry, Thomas and Milo we were as solid as a rock giving great protection to our goalkeeper and even having the confidence to join in attack with Henry having a shot from 20 yards out and hitting the post. The attackers Jake, Harrison, Clayton, Theo and Jamie showed some really nice touches and dribbling but all need to have confidence to shoot more but when we did not have the ball they all worked really hard for the team and came back to help the defence with some strong tackles. Lastly I would like to thank my backroom staff Chris, Gaz and Pete [our side line looked like something from an American NFL game] for assisting me in Adams absence. When I asked them to give me their man of the match they said give it to all of the team which says it all. Well done to all connected with Saturdays game. This weekend we are at home Goole Town Tigers.

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