Junior Section 18/19 Season

Richard Brook | 26/05/2019

I would like to thank all our volunteers who have helped Holme Rovers this season in running seven teams plus mini soccer and so allowing approx. 90 children to play football on a Saturday. It has been hard work for a lot of us but seeing yesterdays presentation makes you realise ''why we do it'' and also it what was humbling to hear the kind word by Mike O'Reilly from McDonalds about Holme Rovers been a ''family''. The only sad thing is that due to shortage of players our current under 10's will not be able to play for our club next season and yesterday I did not have chance to see all the players and parents for this age group so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best if finding other clubs and I am hoping that when Ben Pearsons team moves up to 11 a side that some of you have the opportunity to re-join our club if you so wish. As to next season planning/work begins next week, as we have to see what the implications are regarding reducing our current under 8's from two teams to one team. Sharon has informed me that the junior section will have a couple of Saturday signing on mornings in early July. Again a thanks to you all and anyone is more than welcome to come to our AGM.

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