Charity Match

Richard Brook | 29/07/2019

In May when we had our end of season junior presentation day our main sponsor Mike ''O'' Reilly from McDonalds Shiptonthorpe stated what a great ''family'' club Holme Rovers is and this was shown yet again on Saturday when against adverse weather the football club and residents of the village came together to have a great day and raise a vast amount of money [over £3,500]. Even though it was a miserable afternoon lots of villagers turned out to support our charity match and so raise a vast amount of money. I would like to thank all concerned who contributed to this event, there are too many but you know who you are. As regards the money raised my understanding is that this will not go into a ''pot'' but Ward 39 at York Hospital are going to supply us with a shopping list of items we can purchase to allow them to further help with the rehabilitation of stroke patients. As I type this money is still coming in which is great. When the club has purchased whatever equipment it is able to there will be an official presentation and this will be advertised, so those who wish to attend can do so. Since we started our charity matches 4 years ago there has been circa £10,000 raised for various causes truly amazing.

Once again thanks to you all.

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