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Opening of Extension to Pavilion

Richard Brook | 24/05/2018

A big thanks to all those who helped put this event together. Those that I spoke to on the day including David Davis could not believe that a small village football club could have such great facilities and all were amazed at the quality of our playing surfaces. Just to complete the day we had our end of season presentation day for our juniors and they all had a great time a big thanks to Rover for keeping them cool with the hosepipe and also to our senior footballers who turned up on the day to give our under 15's a game of football and I would hope that some of these juniors join up with our seniors for pre season training and represent our seniors next season [ when they are 16]. Thanks to all again.


Richard Brook | 27/11/2017

The club wishes to fill the position of Vice Chairman which covers the running of the Junior Section and helping the club work towards its 5 year business plan and development plan. The club is going through a rapid growth on and off the field and the person holding this position will be heavily involved in maintaining this.
If interested please e-mail richard.brook2007@btinternet.com.

Under 12s

Ken Wood | 11/11/2017

What a great game to watch, well done to all involved, it felt like a win....

Welfare Officer

Richard Brook | 26/10/2017

The club is looking at recruiting two Welfare Officers. Details of the role can be found on the ERCFA website. Two main criteria is you must be at least 18 years of age and undertake a 3hr course. The club will give you as much supports as possible in this role for example Gemma Wallace is a very experienced Welfare Officer and has knowledge to share within this role. If you are interested please see myself or Gemma on a Saturday morning at the Playing Fields.


Richard Brook | 26/10/2017

The following people have handed in their resignations in some or all of their job roles within Holme Rovers
Alison Dunham -Welfare Officer
Ben Pearson- Welfare Officer
Gemma Wallace- Chairman of Junior Section. I would like to go on record [in thanking them for carrying out these roles.
Moving forward the club will be looking at recruiting two welfare officers and for the short term I will take on the role of chairman of the junior section as I am going to look at the structure of the club especially the junior section due to its growth and other factors concerned with the junior section such as the DNA of the club. I would hope all those connected directly or indirectly give your full support to the club during this time of change

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