Minutes of Holme Rovers Football Club 09/10/16

12/10/2016 15:14

Present: Richard Brook, Avril Brook, Craig Burke, Sam Clayton, Bradley Delves, Alison Dunham, Jonathan Foster, Sharon Gant, Howard Gant, Karen Harrison, Paul Harrison, Ben Pearson, Gemma Wallace and Mike Wright.

Apologies: Hannah Pearson, Ben Huzzard, Nick Spooner, Alec Budd, James Hill and James Townsend

Matters arising


1) Pitches    Paul Harrison discussed the state of the senior pitch and stated that it is no longer playable. It has been arranged that the 1st team is to play at Beverley Longcroft on the 3G, 2nd team to play at Market Weighton School and under 14s to at the Newbald . Paul also discussed the costs to hire these grounds and is looking at doing a fundraising race night [February] to help towards pay the cost of the grounds.

Pitch marking- Paul Harrison has ordered new diluted mix, Paul discussed marking pitches and new sprayer with Howard Gant.  A demonstration to be held by Ian Collett from Rigby Taylor Friday 14th October with Richard Brook, Howard Gant and Paul Harrison.

Richard discussed the maintenance of the new grassed pitches and was given the authorisation to go ahead and place an order with Ian Collett.  Richard also pointed out this extra cost was one of the main reasons for the increase in putting up junior training subs in January.

2) Training- Ben Pearson has requested it be extended to a longer slot due to the amount of players. Richard authorised Ben Pearson/Jonny Foster to book a two hour slot. Jonny Foster is going to speak to Julie at sports centre.

Senior performances- it was highlighted on the good results of both teams.

2) Tracksuits – Paul has now received all senior teams track suits, Sharon has done an invoice to Grasbys and Avril has wrote a thank you letter. A senior photo of both teams is to be arranged with Grasbys on Holme rovers pitch. Paul Harrison is going to arrange this. It was agreed that none of the Dowson players should pay the ‘’£10’’.

3) Sub suits- Mike Wright has offered to sponsor 3 sub suits for 1st team,  Paul has sub-suits for second team and is going to give them to Jonny Foster. 

4) A lady has made contact with the club about getting a ladies team together. Avril  is going to ring FA in regard to see if we can play 7/8 aside rather than 11.


5) Ben Pearson discussed purchasing folding chairs for all junior teams, looking at £60 per set.  Options to fund these were through the club, asking parents, and fundraising. To be discussed in 10 days time.

6) Ben reported that James Townsend requires equipment for his under 7’s team; size 3 balls, training equipment and requires another set of playing kit.  Richard has suggested that James use the mini soccer size 3 balls until some are purchased.

Bradley Delves also commented he required size 4 match balls.   

7) Christmas party- This is provisionally booked for 17th December in the Village Hall. It was agreed that the minis would just receive a selection box each. Ben suggested doing foot golf activity for his team, other managers commented that they would prefer their teams to access this as well. Ben is going to look into the costing. The allowance per player/team is to be agreed at the next meeting.  

8) Training subs- was re-visited to discuss when the increase should take place. Richard confirmed it was agreed at previous meeting that training subs will go up to £2.00 from effect of January 2017.

9) Incident accident forms – Due to three recent incidents it was highlighted by Richard that incident and accident forms should be completed by the team manager/ welfare officer [this also applies to the seniors ].

10) Sharon Gant discussed the FA ruling that she has received off Selby league secretary in regard to players; photograph identification cards should be with managers for every game, kick off times needs to be confirmed with other teams well in advance, the different rules for each age group to allow football games to go ahead for example 9 aside football can still play with minimum of 6 players.  Re-arranged games need to be done within 14 days.

11) Sharon commented that the under 11’s require chairs, bottles, (refer to point 5) Sharon is going to purchase bottles.

12) Sub-coats for age groups 7,8,9,10,11 Sharon to get prices, in subsidising the cost Sharon suggested fundraising such as a bag pack and Sharon is going to give local super markets a call.

13) Kitchen/ raffle for Saturday junior games, it was highlighted by Sharon, Gemma and Alison the lack of volunteers names on rota. Craig Burke/Avril offered to do raffle. Sharon suggested about doing football card. Paul referred to previous weeks takings on raffle of £84.00. It was discussed about how to obtain raffle prizes. It was suggested about putting a rota together to collect prizes within the teams. Message is going to be put out on Facebook page for this week’s raffle to acquire prizes.

14) Car Parking- still ongoing waiting for feedback off the Parochial Trust. Paul, Richard and Ben are going to look at other fields that run alongside football pitch, also look at what groundwork would need to be in done to make fields useable for parking.

15) Sharon is looking into arranging Trampolining/ Foot golf or  Footsall for under 11’s for team building. Sharon is going to look into costings.

16) Sharon is compiling a file on sponsorship for juniors; Richard asked Sharon if she could also include seniors.

17) Sam Clayton reported he had an invitation from Hull Tigers for a game of football. This game is still to be confirmed. Sam is going to wait for his fixtures to finish then look at organising a friendly for December. He is going to make contact with Hull Tigers this week.

18) Tournament – Issue with car parking to be resolved before any other discussions on this topic.

Any other business

19) Pavilion-meeting took place with the FA to discuss funding; builders have been contacted for quotations. Then a further meeting with FA will take place.

20) At same meeting with the FA pitch maintenance was discussed and FA are prepared to help fund capital equipment and talked of paying for the first year of consumables for pitch maintenance.

Avril Brook


Holme Rovers FC