Minutes of Holme Rovers Football Club 13/11/16

24/11/2016 10:15

Minutes of Holme Rovers Football Club 13/11/16

Present:  A. Brook, R. Brook, C. Burke, S. Clayton, B. Delves, J. Foster, H. Gant, S. Gant, P. Harrison,     B. Pearson, G. Wallace and M. Wright.

Apologies:  A. Budd, A. Dunham, L. Green,  K. Harrison, J. Hill, K. Hinch, H. Pearson,  C. Rackham, N. Spooner,  G. Theakstone,  J. Townsend and R. Wallace.

Matters arising from last meeting discussed

In KH absence PH did an overview of treasury report.

RB complimented SG & AB on the kitchen and  raffle money raised in the last month. 


1) Pitches - It was highlighted that pitches have now been treated with feed which will last until spring next year.

RB discussed the water logged junior pitches.  It was suggested about hiring a digger to clear the dykes running between football field & Holme School .RB & MW suggested meeting on Sunday 20th at 1pm.

PH discussed grass cutting the pitches highlighting how and when these should be cut in order to preserve pitches.

HG discussed pitch marking with new machine, he also gave a brief overview of pitches that need doing, and informed committee who was going to be marking them in his absence.

RB debated about the tournament not being held next June, highlighting about car parking issues. RB has had no feedback from Parochial Charity about the clubs offer.

PH also discussed the costs to hire these grounds and is looking at doing a fundraising race night [February/March] to help towards pay the cost of the grounds.

2) Training- Ben Pearson has requested it be extended to a longer slot due to the amount of players. Richard authorised Ben Pearson/Jonny Foster to book a two hour slot. Jonny Foster is going to speak to Julie at sports centre.

3)  Sub suits- Mike Wright has offered to sponsor 6 sub suits for 1st and 2nd teams.

4) Disciplinary issues PH and BP to bring in an internal fines system to try to combat the clubs poor disciplinary record.


5) Holme Rovers will host the under 10’s cup final on the 10/12/16 where four teams will participate. HG suggested pitches to use/ marking of pitches ready for games. It was suggested asking Nathan Gregory and Nick Spooner to ref games.

6) Sub Suits- some for under 14’s in container B.Delves

6) Christmas party- mini soccer – selection boxes rest of junior section to be decided by own age groups. Club will donate £5 per signed on player this money to be collected off RB

7) Training subs- will go up to £2.00 from effect of January 2017. All age groups  are responsible for having suitable training equipment.

8) Sub-coats for age groups 7,8,9,10,11 to be purchased in season 2017/18 with sponsorship money.

9) Under her new role as vice chairman for the junior section GW was focusing on finding a manager, coach and administrator to run the under 6 team.

10) GW highlighted there is still an issue with referees, SG spoke of her son Nathan who is currently undertaking the referee course….. this has caused interest being shown by some other young lads.

11) It was also discussed about team files given out by BP welfare officer, RB asked about forms been completed by managers and collating them. GW & AB are going to meet to discuss filing system.

12) SG discussed the junior tracksuits not having initials on so that they could be recycled to others, also SG suggested about staggering games on Saturday.  Due to colder weather RB announced that   mini soccer will finish on the 26/11/16 and re-start in February.

13) SG has organised a bag pack for 2nd April.

14) Training tops- GW had a list of tops required by junior players PH is going to order them. 


Any other business

15) Builders have been contacted for quotations but as yet none received. Then a further meeting with FA will take place.

16) RB putting together a grant application with Awards For All for pitch maintenance equipment.

17) PH did a presentation about portable floodlights. Well received by all so RB looking at funding with ERCFA.